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Culy’s Vegetaian Lunch, East Village
328 East 14th Street (btwn 1st & 2nd ave)

May 2011
The No1 diner, we had burger with curlys and an open faced tofurky sandwich with gravy and cranberry sauce. I love you Mr Curly.

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Candle 79, Upper East Side
154th 79th street (at Lexington ave)

May 2011
This is probably one of the nicest restaurants, no wait - one of the nicest places, I have ever been to in my entire life.

You’ve just been to The Met, its yours and that a-list hunk you’ve managed hooked up with’s 3-year anniversary. Its pouring down, you step in to the warmth and candle light and sit dow next to a very typical but adorable elderly UES-couple. And then you pick your choices for a luxorious 3-course 3-hour all vegan lunch.

The food at Candle 79 is in-credible. I had the soup of the day, french lentil, and a brilliant seitan filet in capers sauce. Linus had the dumplings and the pasta of the day: spinach and pumpkin.

We also had the pleasure to meed the adorable Joy Pierson, who together with Bart Potenza founded Candle Cafe (on 3rd and 74th) in 1993 after, incredibly luckily not only for them but for all of us inhabitants of this planet, winning the high prize at the lottery. Its 79th street location now has a well deserved reputation of being one of the best vegan eats there is in the state of New York, and forever holds a very dear place in my heart.

Ps. Buy. The. Book. !!!

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Wild Ginger, Brooklyn
212 Bedford Avenue (at North 5th st)

May 2011
Oh my god, It never occured to me even in my wildest dreams that ordering a menu item described as “Coconut water $4” outside of the carribean, would lead to being actually served fresh coconut water. Out of a coconut. Straight from the womb. Call me naive, call me Swedish. But this is one of the best first impressions i’ve ever had. (Oh you experienced New York diners, tell me, does this happen to you a lot?)

So we were off to a great start at Williambourg’s main street pan-Asian vegan darling, and what followed did not let down a single bit. After the complimentary miso soup came a cilantro tofu and crunchy sweet citrus seitan which both was delicious (even though, as I find the case at many of New York’s vegetarian asian places, sometimes things seem to get a bit sweet, a little too well covered in sugary bean sauce).

On the downside, the dessert cheese cake was a little of a let down, even though pretty. Not that I didn’t eat it all…

Anyway, a super lovely all vegan restaurant. You will feel like you and your darling spent 100 when all you had to give is half, and that includes a fat tip.

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Panna II Garden (the right one), East Village
93 1st avenue (at 6th street)

May 2011
See Panna I Garden.

Panna II Garden claims they do not use any dairy or eggs in their naan and I take their word for it. Can’t tell you what the situation will be on the left side.

Panna II Garden (the right one), East Village
93 1st avenue (at 6th street)

May 2011
See Panna I Garden.

Panna II Garden claims they do not use any dairy or eggs in their naan and I take their word for it. Can’t tell you what the situation will be on the left side.

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Panna I Garden (aka the left one), East Village
93 1st avenue (at 6th street)

November 2010
Classic East Village spot Panna I and II are two identical and highly competitive Indian restaurants located on each side of a stair. Know which one you are heading for before you step up as staff will litterally pull you in two.

The right one, Panna II, is said to be the original but honestly I have been to both and can’t even remember which one was which. They’re humourously identical in every aspect. I’m almost assuming they’re even using the same kitchen.

The menu is totally omnivore but, as most Indian resturants, has a generous vegetarian section out of which I guess you can veganize everything but the paneers (you know the drill, ask for no butter, no cream/milk).

Be aware though, this is not the place(s) to come for a great culinary experience, tastes are petty much just below averagece (all vegetarian Indian take out restaurant Punjabi lies just a few blocks down on first st btwn 1st ave and ave A, if it’s food (!) you’re out for). You come here for the lights, and you bring your own wine. Plus it’s cheap as hell.

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Palà Pizza, Lower East Side
198 Allen St (by Huston St)

November 2010
Only serves the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life (though looking forward to visiting to Viva Herbal, Slice and Café Viva for what I’m guessing will be some seroius competition…). This place is obligatory.

Palà has a separate vegan menu, including vegan dessert of the day (hint: triple chocolate double layer cake… um, only had that one twice on my last three day visit to NYC). Also serves pasta, of course. In total, an awesome Daiya drizzled romantic spot, with very sweet staff. Plus celiaki friendly, all crusts can be made gluten free.

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Wholefoods grocery shopping, Manhattan
Many locations, find yours here

November 2010

First impression: omg look at all this incredibly fresh food.
After quick evaluation: omg imagine the amounts must be throwing away every day to be able to keep the average person-high piles of fresh kale and apples.

Make sure to check out the ice cream counter, look out for Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter Smores by the baked goods, and stock up on Dandie’s incredible marshmallows (FYI there are litterally no vegan marshmallows in my home country). And if you, like me, are a smart packer you will have a collapsible coolbox ready to give all your Daiya cheese a pleasant flight home. A tiny pack of spicy vegan buffalo wings might have slipped in there as well…

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Cheap Chinese place, Brooklyn
Here and there

November 2010

Bring your own wine, eat someone else’s mock duck.

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Babycakes, Lower East Side
248 Broome St (btwn Orchard & Ludlow)

November 2010
Vegan, gluten free cupcake, doughnut heaven. Buy a boxfull, get caught in the act eating in bed. How decadent.

No need to add more, except a warning: I started following their twitter, and since I have this reoccuring dream where I’m dropped off at a rainy dark Houston and start running down Allen repeating flavour of the day in my head so as not to forget. Incredibly stressful.

Upon my return, I’m getting the red velvet.

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'sNice, Soho
150 Sullivan St (btwn Huston & Prince)

November 2010
Good morning. I had a tofu scramble wrap ($6) and peach smoothie ($5.5) for breakfast. All vegetarian café/lunch restaurant, lunch sandwiches and salads at $8.75. Baked goods and soy shakes. Mouth watering menu, but my first impression was a little lack of staff dedication. Still excited to come back for lunch next time (April 2011!) for final verdict.

- Typical picks (all vegan) -
Thanksgiving leftover tofurky sandwich
Tempeh Reuben and Sauerkraut sandwich (um, I can say this cabbage lover has already made her choice)
Thai salad with edamame and peanuts

s’Nice on Twitter (well… speaking of dedication :S)

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